Courses Offered:


The Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is multidisciplinary four-year programme as per NEP-2020. The primary goal of the BCA programme is to empower students with the requisite knowledge and abilities to pursue fulfilling professions in the rapidly evolving field of Information and Technology. Students will understand the structure, function and characteristics of computer system and design of the various functional units and components of computer. The outcome of this course will enable students who are into development and testing for software industry. The study of computer concepts and programming techniques is very essential part of a student or a programmer in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science.


The B.C.A program offered at BMSCCM follows the CBCS syllabus designed by the Bengaluru City University. The College provides students best of opportunities for professional careers as well as higher studies in the area of Computer application. The college aims at holistic development of the students, so that they make effective contribution to society. The excellent academic environment along with co-curricular and sports activities empowers the students to thrive in a fast-paced and exciting learning environment. Classroom lectures, projects, presentation and case studies form the components of teaching methodology. In addition to this the students pursue Career enhancement courses/Add on courses like Executive Communication, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning etc.


As prescribed by Bengaluru City University ( )

  1. Seven theory papers and three practicals in first semester.
  2. Eight theories, two practicals in second semester.
  3. Seven theory papers and three practicals in third semester.
  4. Eight theories, two practicals in fourth semester.
  5. Eight theories, two practicals in fifth semester.
  6. Eight theories, two practicals in sixth semester.
  7. Six theory papers and two practicals for seventh semester.
  8. Four theory, one practical and one research project for eight semesters.
Evaluation Process:

Total marks for each course shall be based on continuous assessments and semester end examinations. As per the decision taken at the Karnataka State Higher Education Council, it is necessary to have uniform pattern of 40: 60 for IA and Semester End theory examinations respectively

Certification offered:

As per the National Education Policy 2020 the multidisciplinary courses have multiple exit options every year. The certification offered during that time are as follows:

  1. On Successful Completion of one year/two semesters (48 Credits): Exit Option with Certificate in Computer Applications.
  2. On Successful Completion of two years/Four semesters (96 Credits): Exit Option with Diploma in Computer Applications.
  3. On Successful Completion of three years/ Six semesters (144 Credits): Exit Option with Bachelor Degree in Commerce Computer Applications.
  4. On Successful Completion of four years/Eight semesters (180 Credits): Award of Bachelor of Computer Applications Degree with Honours B.C.A(Hons).
Journals and Publications
  1. Final semester students have to publish their projects in one of the reputed journals and every student will be a member of Computer Society of India (CSI), with which students will have an exposure on emerging technologies and Innovations.