Instructions to Students

  1. A minimum of 75% attendance in each subject is mandatory. The list of students with shortage of attendance will be periodically announced. Students with shortage of attendance will not be permitted to appear for the final examinations.
  2. Application for leave must be submitted to the Principal. A student absenting for more than three consecutive classes should report to the Principal with her / his parent or guardian before being permitted to attend the next classes.

  1. Student should be punctual and regular in attending classes.
  2. The Students should carry their I.D. Cards daily in the college premises.
  3. Indulgence in any form of ragging calls for stern action as per rules.
  4. Assignments/projects should be regularly done and submitted to the teacher concerned on or before the stipulated time.
  5. Inattentiveness and indifference in classes, discourtesy towards members of the staff or any act which affects the discipline of the college or any other disorderly or improper conduct will be viewed seriously and the concerned student will be promptly and severely dealt.
  6. Absence without leave from any assignment / test shall be considered as an act of indiscipline and calls for disciplinary action. Leave of absence may be granted only by the Principal, to whom all such applications should be made, in writing, well before the date of test.
  7. Throwing waste paper around, defacing the walls and furniture and committing nuisance in the premises of the college are punishable.
  8. Students are prohibited from organizing or attending any meeting in the college except those permitted / organized by the college.
  9. Circulation or distribution of any hand bills, notices etc. without the permission of the Principal is prohibited.
  10. Posting any content about College, Logo, Faculty members or other fellow students is strictly prohibited on any Social/Online Media. Legal action may be initiated for any such violations.
  11. An act of indiscipline will entail suspension or removal of the students from the rolls of the college.
  12. Parents teachers meeting will be held by the respective mentors of the college at least once a semester. Parents can meet concerned Mentors from Monday to Friday after 3.00 pm with prior appointment.

In all matters decision of the Principal is final.