Council of Trustees

Dr. B. S. Ragini Narayan

Donor Trustee & Chairperson, BMSET,
Chairperson, BMSCE, BMSCW & ICD

Dr. P. Dayananda Pai

Life Trustee, BMSET

Sri. Aviram Sharma

Trustee BMSET
Chairman, BMSCL, BMSIT&M and BMSCC&M

Sri. Ravi Venkatesam

Trustee, BMSET
Chairman, BMSCA and BMSSA

BMS group of Institutions are managed by BMS Educational Trust (BMSET) having five trustee members constituting Council of Trustees.

The Chairman of Trust is Dr. B. S. Ragini Narayan, she is also the Donor Trustee and Member Secretary BMSET. She is the Chairperson of BMS College for Women and BMS Evening College of Arts and Commerce. The other Trustees are Dr. P. Dayananda Pai, Syndicate member, NITK Suratkal, & Manipal University, Former Syndicate member of Mangalore University, Chairman for BMS College of Engineering and BMS College of Architecture; Sri Ravi Venkatesham, Chairman, BMS School of Architecture and Sri Aviram Sharma, Chairman, BMS College of Commerce and Management, BMS College of Law and BMSIT & M. Additionally, one Trustee Member as nominated by Government of Karnataka.

To advance the cause of education, BMS Educational Trust started number of institutions which are providing quality education to student’s community. BMS Educational trust runs the following highly reputed educational Institutions imparting quality education:

  1. B.M.S College of Engineering (BMSCE) – 1946
  2. BMS College of Law (BMSCL) – 1963
  3. BMS Degree College for Women (BMSCW) – 1964
  4. BMS PU College for Women (BMSPUC) – 1964
  5. BMS Evening college of Engineering (BMSECE) – 1973
  6. BMS Institute of Technology and Mgmt. (BMSITM) – 2002
  7. BMS School of Architecture (BMSSA) – 2010
  8. BMS Centre for Executive Education (BMSCEEDL) – 2013
  9. BMS Evening College of Arts and Commerce (BMSECAC) – 2013
  10. BMS College of Architecture (BMSCA) – 2016
  11. BMS College of Commerce and Management (BMSCCM) – 2017

The BMS Institutions enable the students to excel in their chosen fields in addition to inculcating moral and ethical values and plays an important role in instilling confidence in them to face new challenges. Currently around 20,000 students are pursuing their higher education in Science, Engineering, Architecture, Commerce, Management, Arts and Law in different BMS institutions. An Alumni of over 1 lakh has enriched the communities the world over.