Courses Offered:


With tremendous growth in business with barely any geographical boundaries, emerging opportunities globally have determined the way things ought to be done and has increased the demand for management professionals. This course has been custom made for students to develop a broad understanding of business organisations and the day-to-day activities undertaken in organisations. The course focuses on subject specific knowledge in areas such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Human Resource Management and many other aspects of strategy formulation. Hence this course helps the students in understanding the creative potential of new career growth opportunities based on changing industrial and societal needs.


The Bachelor in Business Administration program offered by the college is affiliated to Bangalore City University. The CBCS syllabus designed by the University provides students best of opportunities for professional careers as well as higher studies in the area of Management. The objective of the program is to develop ethical managers with inter disciplinary knowledge and create entrepreneurs who can create employment. The college aims at preparing students to take up the responsibility of full line of Marketing/Finance/Human Resource so that they make effective contribution to society. The excellent academic environment along with co-curricular and sports activities empowers the students to thrive in a fast-paced and exciting learning environment. Classroom lectures, projects, presentation and case studies form the components of teaching methodology. In addition to university syllabus, the students pursue Career Enhancement Courses/add-on courses like Executive Communication, Data Analytics, SAP, Digital Marketing & Business Analytics etc.

Scope of BBA:

The students are taught the fundamentals as well as advanced principles of management. The course is not limited to theoretical concepts, it also provides practical knowledge through internships and industry exposure. Not only that BBA also helps a student develop communication skills and supports the overall personality development of a student.

Specializations Offered:

Students have to select electives out of the list of electives given in Fifth and Sixth Semester. Electives selected in the fifth semester should be continued in the sixth semester. However, they can change the electives in the seventh semester. The electives selected in the seventh semester will continue in the eighth semester


Every student enrolled for this program will have to take up Internship in the V and VI semester during the course.

Evaluation Process:

Total marks for each course shall be based on continuous assessments and semester end examinations. As per the decision taken at the Karnataka State Higher Education Council, it is necessary to have uniform pattern of 40: 60 for IA and Semester End theory examinations respectively

Certification offered:

As per the National Education Policy 2020 the multidisciplinary courses have multiple exit options every year. The certification offered during that time are as follows:

  1. On Successful Completion of one year/two semesters (48 Credits): Exit Option with Certificate.
  2. On Successful Completion of two years/Four semesters (96 Credits): Exit Option with Diploma.
  3. On Successful Completion of three years/ Six semesters (144 Credits): Exit Option with Bachelor Degree in Business Administration
  4. On Successful Completion of four years/Eight semesters (180 Credits): Award of Bachelor in Business Administration
  5. Degree with Honours B.B.A(Hon).