Courses Offered:


Bachelors of Commerce in Data Analytics Degree can bring a new breed of graduates who could build careers in finance, management and entrepreneurship. The course entails analytics and applications in order to develop tangible business solutions. The course gives the graduates statistical and analytical skills based on mathematics and computer science. Data analysts do not need to have advanced coding skills, but need to have experience with analytics software, data visualization software, and database management programs.

The data-driven economy and businesses are looking for B.Com graduates with multiple skills and roles such as business analyst, database administrator, statistician, data architect, data analyst, quantitative analyst, and data scientist. The banking and finance industry, and the financial markets are migrating towards robust technological solutions like artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Recruiters are expecting B.Com graduates with multifaceted skills like problem-solving, structural and logical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and effective communication as part of their holistic development.

B.COM-Data Analytics @ BMSCCM

The B.COM-DA program offered at BMSCCM aims at an overall development of the students, so that they fulfil the demand of industry in data analytics. The excellent academic environment along with industry ready career enhancement courses, extra-curricular activities and physical education empowers the students to thrive in a fast-paced and exciting learning environment. Classroom lectures, projects, presentation and case studies form the core components of teaching methodology at BMSCCM. In addition to this the students pursue industry ready career enhancement courses/add-on courses like Executive Communication, SAP, Advance Excel, Business Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Block chain, Cyber Security etc.

Objectives of B. Com – Data Analytics:
  1. To provide basic knowledge in the domain of Commerce and Analytical studies.
  2. To develop business professionals with a broad understanding of data collection and analysis and its prospective application.
  3. To analytically interpret business problems retrospectively and prospectively.
  4. Have required skills and understanding to identify progressive topics in the area of analytics and thus augment their career.
Specializations Offered:

Students have to select electives out of the list of electives given in Fifth and Sixth Semester. Electives selected in the fifth semester should be continued in the sixth semester. However, they can change the electives in the seventh semester. The electives selected in the seventh semester will continue in the eighth semester


Every student enrolled for this program will have to take up Internship in the V and VI semester during the course.

Evaluation Process:

Total marks for each course shall be based on continuous assessments and semester end examinations. As per the decision taken at the Karnataka State Higher Education Council, it is necessary to have uniform pattern of 40 : 60 for IA and Semester End theory examinations respectively

Certification offered:

As per the National Education Policy 2020 the multidisciplinary courses have multiple exit options every year. The certification offered during that time are as follows:

  1. On Successful Completion of one year/two semesters (48 Credits): Exit Option with Certificate in Commerce.
  2. On Successful Completion of two years/Four semesters (96 Credits): Exit Option with Diploma in Commerce.
  3. On Successful Completion of three years/ Six semesters (144 Credits): Exit Option with Bachelor Degree in Commerce
  4. On Successful Completion of four years/Eight semesters (180 Credits): Award of Bachelor of Commerce Degree with Honours B.COM(Hon).